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Yoga & mental health

  • Date: 30/11/2020
  • Category: Yoga

Why Yoga?  Mary’s Journey   Yoga and mental health go hand in hand.  For years yoga has been seen as an ancient spiritual practice from India.  It brings to mind phrases such as, but I am not flexible enough for yoga, I can’t meditate, I don’t understand the names of poses. I found my first […]

Men’s mental health

Mental health and men Anil Arora is a psychotherapist and marriage counsellor based in Abu Dhabi. He is an active supporter of men’s mental health issues encouraging men to speak up about their emotional and psychological concerns. It’s a well-known fact that men, globally, find it more difficult to talk about mental health than women.  […]

Use resilience to cope & adapt to life-changing stressful situations

  • Date: 13/07/2020
  • Category: General

Resilience can be taught but requires practice Throughout life we will face adversity and many stresses, this is a given. These challenging events will affect our life in many ways depending on how we react and manage them. Over time most people learn how to cope and adapt to life-changing stressful situations – mainly this […]

Forgiveness & Well-Being

Well-Being & Forgiveness Forgiveness demands that you dig deep in to your reserves and ask some fundamental questions of yourself.  Questions such as, what benefit is there in holding on to feelings that deplete my energy?  They take up space in your mind that could be put to better use.  Whoever the transgressor is, they […]

I help individuals and couples deal with various types of emotional pain, ranging from couples dealing with relational distress to individuals going through depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.

change therapies

I believe that therapy should be a positive experience, but at the same time challenging. Without challenges, change is more difficult. I like to explain the process of therapy so you understand it without using jargon and complicated paperwork. At the same time therapy is not a walk in the park, it will require all parties to work at achieving emotional wellness.

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