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Many people in the nation’s capital, or indeed in the whole of the United Arab Emirates, do not realize that couples coaching is a viable options to strengthen their relationship with their significant other. ­Don’t hesitate if you think you need help and want some support or advice for your relationship. Becoming a better partner will only help you grow together.

I have been working with couples for many years now using an eclectic approach to helping distressed couples find connection. I was one of the first therapist to be trained in a unique Mindfulness and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Couple Therapy in Qatar. This intense training incorporates three of the leading exponents in couple therapy, namely, Gottman, Emotional Focused Therapy and ImagoI have  extended my knowledge and experience by completing level 1 and 2 in clinical training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

In 2019 I created a workshop for couples called Connectfulness for Couples. This workshop addresses some of the core issues that plague distressed couples.

Although each relationship or marriage between two persons is absolutely unique, there is a common set of behaviours, indicators and signs that you might need to seek a couples coach. Some of these are:

  • Either you or your partner is considering having an affair and/or openly talking about interests in third parties
  • Trust has been broken
  • Regular mundane conversations frequently culminate in an argument
  • The same issues keeps coming up, time and time again.
  • There is a noticeable lack of intimacy
  • You are frequently hoping for things to change, but they never do.
  • Marital stress is consistently on your mind, hindering your day-to-day activities.
  • Divorce frequently seems like the only option
  • Communication is poor
  • Children are suffering due to your marriage problems

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and if anyone tells you there is, please walk away. However, that doesn’t mean you have to co-exist in a miserable existence with your partner with both of you feeling totally dis-connected. Couple counselling as well as couple coaching is a viable option if you are experiencing distress for whatever reason.

We know from the John Gottman Institute one of the leaders in researching divorce prediction and marital stability, that how a couple handles conflict is one of the best predictors of whether their relationship will go the distance. Maybe you or your partner shuts down, lashes out, or gets vengeful or passive-aggressive. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of dysfunctional ways to handle conflict — which serves to make the original problem that much worse. That is why more couples are now turning to couple counselling as a way forward to help them re-connect.

Couple counselling has come a long way since the 1970s when couples would sit in a therapy room with the therapist and begin to pour out their frustration, and then they would leave without any intervention in place.

“In the strongest marriages, husband and wife share a deep sense of meaning. They don’t just “get along”- they also support each other’s hopes and aspirations and build a sense of purpose into their lives together.”
– John Gottman

There is now a clear science that paves the way in creating a loving and nurturing relationship that brings about joy and happiness regardless of the difficult times all couples encounter.

There was a reason why you both found each other, there was a time when you both enjoyed each other’s company, each other’s words, smiles, silence and touch – you once had a happy relationship. The only difference between then and now is that you may have lost the ability to understand each other at a deeper level, by that I mean “attunement”. This is the ability to pick up on the nuances that accurately captures the sense of how each person is feeling and to respond as if you can experience your partner.

When you visit a couple coach or couple counsellor the couple begin to learn about the how to change negative repeating patterns to re-connecting with their partner in a safe way. Part of the healing process for couples is leaning how to communicate positively even when you both disagree, along with dealing with gridlock and other common problems in married life.

What we will cover in your couples coaching sessions:
  • Both partners will each present their own pain points with the relationship.
  • Do either of you have a history of relationship issues with previous partners?
  • What activities and mutual interests brought you together?
  • What attracted you to each other in the first place?
  • What do you value about your relationship above all else?
What is the desired outcome of couples coaching?
  • Reconnect with your partner on a deeper level
  • Engage in empathic communication with your significant other
  • Learn how to break destructive patterns which have caused problems in your marriage or relationship
  • Discover why your relationships become stuck, and how to break the cycle
  • A new sense of inspiration to plan for new future with mutual goals dreams, and aspiration that are design to strengthen teamwork and respect.

If you feel your relationship is heading towards disconnect and uncertainty, then please reach out by phone or email to discuss your concerns.

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The Relational Path Institute (RPI) is a training and personal development institute specializing in the cross-cultural application of Relational Mindfulness. RPI focuses on the training of therapists, coaches and corporate consultants around the world. All therapy and practice at RPI is based on Humanistic and Existential Psychology and rooted in the application of Relational Mindfulness.

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I help individuals and couples deal with various types of emotional pain, ranging from couples dealing with relational distress to individuals going through depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.

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“In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerability so our partner never really sees us”

– Sue Johnson

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